Visions of Heaven and Hell

From the million-copy-selling novelist, the definitive collection of paintings and drawings

What would you see if you could peek inside the mind of Clive Barker, creator of such classics as Weaveworld, Hellraiser, and Candyman? Would you dare look?

Crack open Visions of Heaven and Hell, and you have unlocked a Pandora's box of images that are certain to stay inside your head. For more than twenty-five years Barker has awed fans and critics alike with his groundbreaking works of fiction, but what few know is that the heart of his fantastic worlds lies in pictures. Now, for the first time, this book brings out from the dark depths more than 400 of Barker's most stunning drawings and oil paintings. Illuminated with ten essays on the recurring themes of his oeuvre, this artwork renders with expressionist fervor some of our most primal passions-good, evil, and all that's between. From the graphically terrifying to the ecstatically sensual, Visions of Heaven and Hell takes you on a journey through unexplored and forbidden realms.

Designed in a luxurious package that perhaps recalls a devotional medieval manuscript or the works of Blake and Cocteau, this volume itself has the feel of a talisman from one of Barker's stories. Providing the true key to the mysteries of his imagination, it is a must-have collectible for all Barker fans.

Clive Barker is a modern myth-maker. Among his most acclaimed works of fiction are The Books of Blood, Cabal, The Hellbound Heart, Imajica, Galilee, and Abarat. He regularly shows his art in New York and Los Angeles, and produces and directs for both the large screen and small.



Visions of Heaven and Hell
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Rizzoli (September 27, 2005)
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