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Every family has its secrets. The Gearys are no exception. As rich as the Rockefellers, as glamorous and powerful as the Kennedys, the Geary dynasty has held subtle sway over American life since the Civil War, brilliantly concealing the roots of its influence and the depths of its corruptions.

All that is about to change.

Rachel Pallenberg never dreamed she'd ever meet much less marry America's most eligible bachelor, Mitchell Geary. But their wedding is the last time she feels as though she's living a dream come true.

For the Gearys are still at war. Their enemies are another dynasty - the Barbarossas ó whose origins lie not in history but in myth and, whose influence is felt not in Washington or on the Dow Jones, but in the sensual exchanges of flesh and soul.

When the prodigal prince of the Barbarossas clan, Galilee who sails the world seldom setting foot on the land ó falls in love with Rachel, the pent-up loathing between the families erupts in a mutually destructive frenzy. Adulteries are uncovered; insanity reigns.

The secrets are out.

Galilee is a massive tale, mingling the powerful realism of Barker's bestseller Sacrament with the dark, genre-breaking invention for which he's known worldwide. The magical eroticism of Weaveworld, the chilling rituals of Hellraiser, the grand metaphysical visions of the Books of the Art. Galilee has room for them all.
*Exclusive to the paperback edition of GALILEE, find new family trees charting both the Barbarossa and Geary clans. Answer any outstanding questions upon turning the final page of this spellbinding tale or view the family trees here.

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Galilee Limited Ed.
Specially bound and slip-cased edition limited to 176 copies, 150 for sale each numbered and signed by the author. 26 copies reserved for private distribution lettered a - z. Coverart by Clive Barker. Published by B.E. Trice Publishing.

Copyright 1998 by Clive Barker
Hardcover edition 1998 by HarperCollinsPublishers - 432 pages
ISBN # 0060179473

Harper Audio audio book on 4 cassettes published and copyright 1998 by HarperCollinsPubllishers, Inc.
ISBN # 0694519855

Mass Market Paperback by HarperPaperbacks - 768 pages (March 1999)
ISBN # 0061092002

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Galilee US coverGalilee by Clive Barker
Mass Market Paperback - 768 pages (March 1999)
HarperPaperbacks; ISBN: 0061092002
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Galilee US coverGalilee by Clive Barker
Hardcover, 432 pages / Published by HarperCollins
Publication date: June 1, 1998
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Galilee US coverGalilee by Clive Barker
Audio Cassette / Published by HarperCollins
Publication date: June 1, 1998
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Galilee (UK)
Paperback (20 September, 1999)

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