Memory, prophecy and fantasy -
the past, the future and
the dreaming moment between -
are all in one country,
living one immortal day.

To know that is Wisdom

To use it is the Art.


Five years ago, in his bestseller The Great and Secret Show, Clive Barker mesmerized millions of readers worldwide with an extraordinary vision of human passions and possibilities.

Welcome to a new volume in that epic adventure. Welcome to Everville..

With Clive Barker's trademark mingling of wild fantasy, eroticism, and visionary horror, Everville promises to take its readers on a journey that will awe, arouse, and terrify in equal measure, opening the doors of a new reality for readers of fantasy and horror alike.

On a mountain peak, high above the city of Everville, a door stands open: a door that lets onto the shores of the dream-sea Quiddity. And there's not a soul below who'll not be changed by that fact . . .

Phoebe Cobb, once a doctor's receptionist, is about to forget her old life and go looking for her lost lover, Joe Flicker, in the world on the other side of that door, a strange, sensual wonderland the likes of which only Barker could make real.

Tesla Bombeck, who knows what horrors lurk on the far side of Quiddity, must solve the mysteries of the city's past if she is to keep those horrors from crossing the threshold.

Harry D'Amour, who has tracked the ultimate evil across America, will find it conjuring atrocities in the sunlit streets of Everville.

These are but a few of the hugely entertaining characters whose destinies Barker has charted in this book. Enthralling, chilling, and charged with an unbridled eroticism,
Everville is above all a novel about the deepest yearnings of the human heart. For love. For hope. For understanding.

And of course it's about the forces that threaten those dreams. The monsters that are never more terrible than when they wear human
faces . . .

Step onto Everville's streets and enter a world like no other in fiction, created by a man whom the
Washington Post called "a mapmaker of the mind, charting the furthest reaches of the imagination."


Everville France


Release History

Everville Limited Ed.
Specially bound and slip-cased edition limited to 526 copies, 500 for sale each numbered and signed by the author. 26 copies reserved for private distribution lettered a - z.

Copyright 1994 by Clive Barker
Hardcover edition 1994 by HarperCollinsPublishers
ISBN 0-06-017716-0

First HarperPaperbacks printing June 1995.
ISBN 0-06-109308-4

Harper Audio audio book on 4 cassettes published and copyright 1994 by HarperCollinsPubllishers, Inc.
ISBN 1-55994-752-7

Paperback - 704 pages (December 1999) (Paperback)
Harperperennial Library
ISBN 0060933151

PerfectBound; - 704 pages (e-book)
Microsoft Reader Version - 558K
ASIN: B00005R1Y7

PerfectBound; - 704 pages (e-book)
Adobe Reader Version - 2137K
ASIN: B00005R1Y8


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Everville : The Second Book of the Art
Clive Barker / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1995
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Clive Barker /Audio Cassette
Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (October 1994)
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