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Cabal, a dazzling short novel, is accompanied here by four of Clive Barker's best short stories--"The Life of Death," "How Spoilers Bleed," "Twilight at the Towers," and "The Last Illusion."

Universally hailed by critics as "a master of horror" (San Francisco Chronicle), "a prodigious talent" (The New York Times), and "the new prince of horror" (Timemagazine), Clive Barker possesses a rare combination of imagination, style, charm, and fearlessness that adds up to a riveting appeal.

marks a new and ferocious high in Barker's ongoing love affair with the bizarre, the perverse, and the terrifying--it is the story of a young woman willing to cross the borders of the human to be with the man she loves.

That man is Boone, a beautiful, tortured soul who believes himself responsible for atrocious crimes. He has taken refuge in a necropolis situated in the wilds of Canada, beneath which all the last great monsters of the world--the nightbreed--are in hiding. They are possessed of extraordinary powers; so is Boone. And in the hunt for Boone, they too will be hunted. Can they survive when the colder, deadliermonsters of the twentieth century are on their heels? And can Lori's love withstand the extraordinary truth of Boone's soul?

Once again, Clive Barker turns all our ideas about horror fiction on their heads; shakes our preconceptions; humors, titillates, and scares the daylights out of us. Finally, the Night has found its hero.

Cabal - French

 Cabal (Russian)
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Cabal : Nightbreed

Clive Barker, David Purdham / Audio Cassette / Published 1990



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