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 Welcome to the Former Official Clive Barker's Lost Souls website. Here you will find comments, art and stories by fans just like you. Clive strongly values his fans, often staying longer than scheduled at signings to ensure that as many fans as possible get his personal attention. Not everyone is able to get out to meet Clive when he tours. Those that do, find a group of people they share much in common with, united by their appreciation of Clive's work. Hopefully here you'll be able to find out about others like you. The Members Macabre section highlights writings and soon, artwork by Lost Souls members and fans of Clive. The Lost Souls store will list hard to find items like limited edition signed books and artwork from Clive available only through Lost Souls. The Lost Souls Newsletter contains the lastest information about what's new in the fan club, excerpts fro m Clive's stories and more. Lastely, find some time to meet the staff of Lost Souls, the hard working crew that dedicated their time each week to bring you a little closer to Clive Barker.